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De 16 personlighetstyperna i MBTI

  • Publicerat: 2015-04-05 Ändrad: 2015-12-24
  • Här samlar jag de 16 olika personlighetstyperna i MBTI genom att referera till deras senaste grafik. Bilderna består av ett huvud fyllt med ord som är attribut associerade med den speciella personlighetstypen.

    Här är de 16 personlighetstyperna i MBTI:


    enthusiastic, realistic, fun loving, adaptable, friendly, cooperative, outgoing, tactful, talkative, persuasive, action oriented, keen observers, resourceful, vivacious, sympathetic, sociable, optimistic, generous, playful, tolerant, observant, spontaneous, easygoing, practical, supportive, pleasant, accept others


    gentle, realistic, factual, sensitive, affinity for nature, caring, trusting, cooperative, offer praise, attuned to others, practical, harmonious, dedicated, spontaneous, gentle persuaders, loyal, reserved, adaptable, understanding, concrete, strong values, kind, tolerant, modest, observant, considerate


    value family, orderly, thorough, appreciative, consistent, sympathetic, outgoing, loyal, decisive, personable, down-to-earth, responsible, practical, enthusiastic, sociable, strong values, cooperative, harmonious, respect rules, helpful, organized, responsive, tactful, energetic, traditional, realistic, conscientious


    good caretakers, cooperative, loyal, organized, practical, dependable, traditional, sensitive, detailed, considerate, meticulous, follow rules, low-key, specific, responsible, devoted, service minded, concrete, conscientious, thoughtful of others, realistic, kind, patient, honor commitments


    outgoing, enthusiastic, analytical, realistic, respond resourcefully, negotiators, alert, good humor, flexible, direct, adaptable, persuasive, inventive, pragmatic troubleshooters, energetic, observant, love life, react quickly, practical, versatile, easygoing, rational problem solvers, fun loving, straightforward, assertive, active, spontaneous, learn from doing


    objective critics, logical problem solvers, factual, spontaneous, careful observers, expedient, practical, self-determined, realistic, adventurous, detached, calm during crises, self-determined, respond quickly, independent, resist regimentation, logical, analytical, adaptable, troubleshooters, confident, lead through action, thrive on variety, applied


    objective, decisive, realistic, analytical, outspoken, direct, practical, structured, systematic, prefer proven procedures, dependable, clear, efficient, objectively critical, logical, self-confident, organized, pragmatic, impersonal, assertive, take charge, straightforward, responsible, foresee potential problems, matter-of-fact


    objective, orderly, respect facts, organized, honor commitments, dependable, thorough, practical, value traditions, systematic, factual, consistent, logical, detached, painstaking, duty bound, sensible, focus on tasks, reasonable, reliable, steadfast, analytical, calm, organized, realistic, loyal, reserved, careful managing details, prefer working alone


    value authenticity, persuasive, energetic, creative, zest for life, lively, restless, inspire leadership, curious, gregarious, expressive, independent, versatile, friendly, value depth, perceptive, enthusiastic, caring, supportive, cooperative, warm, imaginative, sociable, spontaneous


    selective, value relationships, devoted, committed, empathetic, creative, loyal, virtuous, idealistic, long-range vision, adaptable, compassionate, reserved, curious, flexible, concerned, introspective, gentle, sensitive, caring, original, reticent, individual, deep, complex, appreciate nature


    trustworthy, sociable, gracious, encourage, self-expression, imaginative, verbal, congenial, responsible, warm, loyal, concerned, inspire leadership, people-oriented, persuasive, diplomatic, responsive, facilitate others, energetic, organized, idealistic, expressive, compassionate, inspire change, supportive, curious, help others, enthusiastic, personable


    intense, work with integrity, creative, insightful, sensitive, determined, loyal, holistic, private, committed, metaphorical, motivate others, organized, idealistic, empathetic, seek meaning, symbolic, visionary, quiet warmth, planful, reserved, conceptual, encourage harmony, deep, compassionate, individualistic


    take initiative, encourage independence, enterprising, curious, challenging, spur others on, active, conceptual, strategic, assertive, creative, adaptive, enthusiastic innovators, analytical, theoretical, objective, clever, questioning, lively, rational, outspoken, energetic, resourceful, independent, enjoy complex challenges


    value intelligence, precise, cognitive, autonomous, independent, analytical, self-determined, dislike redundancy, insightful, logical, detached, original, reserved, objectively critical, intensely curious, theoretical, challenge others, speculative, skeptical, mentally quick, contemplative, interact intellectually, independent problem solvers, ingenious, quickly see inconsistencies


    straightforward, innovative theorizers, action oriented, planful, self-confidence, clear, manage directly, tough when necessary, fair, assertive, logical, provide structure, tough, natural critics, challenging, decisive, planners, value intelligence, objective, theoretical, strategic, take charge, think ahead, critical, global thinkers, stimulating, controlled, prefer new challenges


    value knowledge, insightful, deliberate, independent, long-range planners, theoretical, demanding, conceptual, task-focused, decisive, reserved, creative synthesizers, objectively critical, original, calm, logical, private, clear, productive, competent, autonomous, efficient, concise, visionary, systems-minded, firm, rational, global, expect competence